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Understanding Generations


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Generational Leadership

Leading Multiple Generations…. Building More Effective Teams

Four generations work side by side in today's workforce—Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen Xs and Gen Ys.

Managing multiple generations in the workplace with different preferences and expectations about their jobs and careers is no easy task. As Traditionalists and Baby Boomers retire and the workforce shrinks, leaders need to make business sense out of the next generation of workers. As companies become increasingly dependent on both younger and older talent,generational issues will become an increasingly important workplace diversity topic for managers and for HR professionals alike. K HR Solutions also offers generational mentoring programs that encourage mentoring within and between the generations.

K HR Solutions, a generations workplace consultant shows leaders and business owners how each generation brings a different set of preferences, experiences, and strengths to their organization. These attributes must be considered in the recruitment and hiring process to attract and retain talent.

K HR Solutions also works with small business owners to understand generational differences, to fill skill gaps, to provide training and communications to ensure successful succession within the business.

Understanding these generational differences and strengths can help businesses to:

  • Create more effective teams and build better team dynamics
  • Improve the quality of internal and external communication
  • Enhance customer interaction
  • Reduce turnover
  • Recruit employees that are a better fit for the company
  • Boost morale
  • Increase productivity

As a generational leadership consultant, K HR Solutions helps teams to speak each other's generational language and improve customer relationships with these dynamic, custom-designed training programs. Participants will:

  • Understand the business implications of generational differences and why they are important
  • Learn the unique attributes of each generation, including core values and personality
  • Build awareness of each generations strengths and commonalities
  • Understand how and why generations collide in the workplace
  • Be able to apply this practical knowledge to daily interactions with customers and colleagues
  • Learn about K HR Solutions' recent survey results on leadership issues
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